Ezee m2m Communications
Machine to Machine communications is a branch of telemetry, that utilises mobile phone cellular networks. Telemetry is the ability to control machines at a remote distance.
    Machine to machine communications is often abbreviated to the acronym m2m.
 The ability to control machinery and computers at a distance is very attractive, as it eliminates the need to send a highly trained engineer or person to the job site to perform tasks. This saves time and money and should enable the technician to be more productive. m2m communications also allows the remote collection of data from monitors and can be used to indicate rarely occurring fault conditions.
Successfully implementing a m2m machine solution isn’t easy this is because there is a lot that can go wrong in the transmission of the data from its origin to it destination. Sending data across a mobile phone network is a highly complex operation - for example even sending or receiving a “simple” text message using the SMS service will typically require a computer programmer to study a 300 page document on how to control a cellular modem and possibly a 200 page document on, on how to encode the text for transmission!
 Luckily here at Superbitysoft we have been developing software that will allow a programmer to control 3G modems ( with the Telit chipset ) with ease. Once the Ezee3G software is installed it should be possible to control a 3G modem from within your programs within a matter of hours.
The Ezee3G software also comes with a component library which will allow you to incorporate 3G services in to Visual Studio.net ( version 10 ), Delphi 2010 and a 32 bit Dll.
 Ezee3G is network centric application, this allows it the ability to service 3G requests from any where on a network, this allows multiple computers evening running on different operating systems the ability to use cellular services.
Introduction to Machine To Machine Communications