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Ezee3G Software Development Kit

The Ezee3G software suite is a library of software tools allowing developers and enthusiasts to develop cellular enabled software quickly and easily. The software is currently in development and at the moment only supports text messaging and native windows connections to the internet. However everything that you might want to do with your cellular app can be done once an internet connection has been established with an internet service provider.


Why Ezee3G ?


Cellular enabled applications are a new range of mobile applications, which can be made to do exciting things depending on your location. The problem is cellular modems are far from simple to control and command. A cellular modem monitors its cellular environment and sends back unsolicited status notification messages to computer system to which it is attached. Handling these unsolicited messages is difficult as they can arrive at anytime in an unexpected fashion. The Ezee3G server software can handle these unsolicited messages and process them. The Ezee3G software also intelligently manages windows dial up connections which can be a problem with a mobile modem, i.e it won’t attempt to dial the internet if no mobile signal is detected.  Doing something as simple as sending a text message is fraught with difficulties when it comes to mobile modems. Typically your simple text message must be re-encoded into another alphabetic representation for example the 7 bit GSM alphabet before transmission or if the message contains non standard characters the message must be translated into a UCS2 character set then encoded into a hexadecimal representation of that string so that the modem can handle it; what a headache!

Luckily Ezee3G handles this easily it analyses the characters in the message and then selects the most efficient method of encoding it before sending the messages, this is necessary as text messages are limited to 160 bytes of data and are very expensive to send ( typically between 3p to 13p per text!).

Text messages can also be sent to the Ezee3G software to launch programs on the target computer, by looking at the phone number of the sender it is possible to only allow commands from certain phone numbers - ( this white list feature hasn’t been implemented yet ). For example you could use this feature to top up a PAY-G SIM, by forwarding text message with a voucher code to the network operator thus avoiding an expensive SIM contract.

The Ezee3G SDK contains component libraries with the source code, so that you can integrate cellular services into you software very easily. I have tried to make them as easy to use as possible. Once a component has been placed on your application form sending a command to the Ezee3G software should be as simple as writing one line of code within a function or procedure!

Ezee3G also logs error - this is essential thing to do as it is the only way to discover why a cellular connection is failing.