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Software Components

The software currently comprises of the


Ezee3G           -  cellular service software.

EzeeTransfer    -  software to automatically transfer data to an FTP server

ProcessMonitor -  A small program which can spawn other processes and                                                monitor them.

Desktop.exe     - A small DOS program which can create additional windows

                      desktops. N.B. this is useful when you want to hide stuff


Libraries With Source Code


Cellular.bpl for integration into Delphi 2010

EzeeCell.dll for integration into any windows application that can import DLL functions

Cellular.dll - components for Visual studio .net 2010


Commands are sent in the form of UDP data packets from a client application to the Ezee3G server. This means that commands can be sent to the Ezee3G software from anywhere on a local network. This means that any device which is networkable and has the capability to send UDP packets on the internet can share a cellular modem. However I would strongly recommend that you don’t try to command device outside of your local network. First of all certain notification packets might be sent via a UDP broadcast service which won’t propagate outside of a LAN, secondly it is undesirable to share the device on the internet and represents a significant security risk. A firewall program running on the server machine should be used to control access to the Ezee3G services server machine over port ranges 20510 to 20520 ( note you can change these ) for the Ezee3G software.

Note during the Beta phase of development the structure of the data packets is likely to change frequently.


The Ezee3G software will only establishes an internet connection if the host computer has no other viable internet connections. If an internet connection is detected it is tested for viability by randomly pinging major search engines and sites. If any ping succeeds then a connection is deemed viable.