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Ezee3G Developmental Road Map

Here is a list of things in order of priority I would like the Ezee3G software to do in version 1.


1) Support for private mobile data services which don’t invoke a windows dial up connection.


Whenever windows connects to the internet, notification messages are sent out to all running services and applications that an internet connection has been established. Suddenly all these applications, and services spring to life and begin to request data from the internet, which is fine in wired broadband environment. Unfortunately with a cellular connection, data transfer can be very expensive. You don’t want windows to attempt a major OS update over your cellular connection downloading Giga bytes of data - see preparing your computer for cellular networking. The other side effect of this is that these services and applications use up available bandwidth, which will slow down desirable data traffic over the internet. What is needed is private internet connection that is controlled only by the Ezee3G software.


The plan is to implement the following private IP services


The sending of emails

Private FTP

Private HTTP requests

Establishment of TCP/IP streams to and from an applications

Set up voice calls ( only on local computer )

Control windows shell over packet network


Primitive services


Establish direct modem to modem connection for diagnostic purposes, i.e implement a shell as alternative communication method where there is no packet networks available, or SIM has run out of credit.

Set up and receive data calls ( implement controls for data transfer )

Set up and receive fax calls