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Hardware Requirements

Any remote system must be robust and fault tolerant.


The Key Requisites Of A Remote System


These features will typically be implemented by the BIOS on your remote computer system.


The BIOS should have


The ability to cope with a power outage. A remote system should be able to restart and recover on power restoration.


A wake on ring facility - to wake the computer by phoning the computers modem


A wake on timer facility to allow the computer to be started and stopped at set job times


A watchdog facility to restart the computer should the computer crash


In addition if the device is going to be placed outside the computer should be placed inside an appropriate enclosure. The enclosure should be made of metal so as to conduct heat away from the device. I would recommend that any power supplies go into separate boxes so that any heat they produce will not affect instrumentation performance.


A small mast may be used up to 3 meters tall should be used to site any radio antennas and USB modems outside of the main housing. Any devices that emanate radio waves must go into separate plastic enclosures so as to allow unhindered transmission. A modified plastic drink bottle or bdh container is ideal for the job of housing a usb modem.


You must also make sure that your device will cope with any environmental conditions it is likely to encounter whilst out in the field. I recommend that solid state disk drives are used as they operate over a wider temperature range and are shock proof.