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Connection Technologies Decision Planner
Wired Technologies


Very reliable - suitable for permanent installations

Permanent power is generally available

Very fast and large transfer speeds

Relatively Low cost

May be able to utilise a fixed IP address *


Initial high installation cost

Problems may arise due to being part of an alien network environment - I.e system may fall foul of corporate firewall restrictions

Computer system is immobile - moving the system will incur high installation costs


A wireless router is counted as a wired technology as your device will have a very limited mobile range

*Fixed IP address can be extremely useful

Cellular Technologies


The device is mobile - the ideal choice for a vehicle

Installation cost may be considerably lower

Suitable for temporary installations

There should be no problems with corporate firewalls.

Terrain and remoteness may dictate this is the only viable solution

The device in theory could work any where in the world as long as a cellular or satellite phone signal is available.


Connection could be unreliable and tenuous.

Limited bandwith and download limits - cellular service restrictions

High data transfer costs

Power may be unavailable - alternative power source such as batteries and solar panels might be necessary.

You may need special environmental housing for your device.

True telemetry may be available only to very large corporations, the military and national governments. Satellite phones are a very expensive way to transmit data and phone calls, but they may be the only option available in some locations, e.g the middle of the ocean. I shan’t discuss satellite phones further or telemetry further as I